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Angela Merkel: Gravedigger of the EU?

July 28 2016 19:10

Is it possible that Angela Merkel, the gifted German chancellor whose management of European affairs has been so praised over the last decade, will figure […]

China’s economy and Canada’s energy

June 2 2016 1:26

Relations between Canada and China under former prime minister Stephen Harper’s government were marked by the strong development of economic ties. How should we look […]

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Russian Economic Sanctions on Turkey Are Weak

December 9 2015 13:13

Russian economic sanctions on Turkey, according to a report just published by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will affect the rate of Turkish […]

Russia Turkey Energy Conflict Keeps Azerbaijan Gas

November 25 2015 1:18

Even before Turkey’s shoot-down of a Russian bomber for violating its airspace, there was Russia Turkey energy conflict over “renovated” prospects for the Turkish Stream […]

Azerbaijan energy cooperation with Turkey and Euro

November 4 2015 23:24

The majority victory of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) at the recent parliamentary elections in Turkey will lead to still deeper Azerbaijan energy cooperation. […]

Is Azerbaijan Iran gas cooperation possible?

August 14 2015 17:16

With the accord having been reached over Iran’s nuclear development program, there is now more active interest in the possibility of Azerbaijan Iran gas cooperation. […]

Russian sanctions busting by German energy compani

July 9 2015 20:55

Two unrelated announcements this week give the unhappy impression of Russian sanctions busting by German energy companies. The European Union decided last month to extend […]

The EU’s Eastern Partnership Ukraine policy

June 28 2015 12:00

The EU’s Eastern Partnership Ukraine policy fails to recognize the fact of a conflict situation in Ukraine. This failure exacerbates the deleterious results of the […]

Regional energy governance and the Southern Gas Co

June 19 2015 1:30

Regional energy governance and the Southern Gas Corridor Public lecture at the Ludwig von Mises Institute–Europe, Brussels, 16 June 2015. Audio   Topic Not long […]

Explaining EU Eastern Partnership Failure: Impedim

June 16 2015 23:38

Oral presentation of the paper, “How the EU’s Learning Deficits Created Eastern Partnership Failure: A Complex-Systems Explanation of Political Failure,” to the Conference Security in […]