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Perspective on Turkish-Israeli Relations

December 5 2016 0:57

The new Turkish and Israeli ambassadors arrived in each other’s capitals within the last days to jumpstart Turkey-Israeli relations. This is a very good thing […]

The Turkish Stream Agreement and What It Means

December 2 2016 2:35

On October 10, in the margins of the 23rd World Energy Congress being held in Ankara, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s prime minister Recep […]

Cyprus Can Help Turkey’s Energy Security

October 7 2016 3:45

The reopening of Turkey’s relations with Israel and Russia also opens the competition between Israeli natural gas and Russian natural gas for Turkey’s energy security. […]

Challenges Facing Turkish Foreign Policy

September 19 2016 3:57

What does it mean for Turkish foreign policy, that the Obama Administration’s conscious policy of diminishing American power and prestige in Western Asia continues to […]

What Future for Turkish-Russian Relations?

August 12 2016 4:18

The renewal of Turkish-Russian relations represents an invigoration of its already existing “Eurasian direction” in foreign policy, including outreach to Central Asia, India and China. […]

Angela Merkel: Gravedigger of the EU?

July 28 2016 19:10

Is it possible that Angela Merkel, the gifted German chancellor whose management of European affairs has been so praised over the last decade, will figure […]

China’s economy and Canada’s energy

June 2 2016 1:26

Relations between Canada and China under former prime minister Stephen Harper’s government were marked by the strong development of economic ties. How should we look […]

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The Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline Revisited

February 18 2016 22:08

Diplomatic attention has intensified on the project of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline (TCGP) while both obstacles to and incentives for its realization increase. Turkmenistan’s commitment […]

Russian Economic Sanctions on Turkey Are Weak

December 9 2015 13:13

Russian economic sanctions on Turkey, according to a report just published by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will affect the rate of Turkish […]

Russia Turkey Energy Conflict Keeps Azerbaijan Gas

November 25 2015 1:18

Even before Turkey’s shoot-down of a Russian bomber for violating its airspace, there was Russia Turkey energy conflict over “renovated” prospects for the Turkish Stream […]