About Robert M. Cutler

Dr. Robert M. Cutler is Senior Research Fellow, Institute of European, Russian & Eurasian Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa. He was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (B.Sc.), Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies (Gallatin Fellow) and The University of Michigan (Ph.D.), and has held research and teaching appointments at major universities in the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland and Russia. During a dozen years exclusively in universities, in three different countries, he taught 14 different subjects in international relations, comparative politics and political philosophy, at all levels from introductory undergraduate to graduate research seminar. He then expanded into policy analysis and consulting, foremost as an Energy Security and Geo-economics Specialist now covering the whole of Eurasia with a special focus on Central, South, and Southwest Asia, with a secondary focus on Europe, Russia, and China. He consults to international institutions, think tanks, governments and the private sector, with experience over the entire range of skills involving negotiation and strategy, planning and execution, design and implementation, and evaluation and instruction; and on topics from international energy security and geo-economics to Caspian Sea region investment advice to human and minority rights (including immigration/asylum applications to the U.S. and Canada) to the organizational design of international institutions. Besides producing the whole portfolio of scholarly, policy, and public-intellectual information products and maintaining a strong online presence, he has won numerous competitive research grants and fellowships, serving also on a half-dozen academic-journal and policy-review editorial boards in addition to executive committees of professional scholarly and policy research organizations.